Use 1password on two computers?

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I have the 1Password app on my desktop and want to add it to my laptop and sync the two. Is that possible without purchasing a subscription plan?

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  • danco
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    Yes, as long as they are both Macs or both Windows.

    The licence covers all machines you own with the same type of OS (different versions of the OS are OK) and you can use Dropbox (or iCloud) to sync.

  • Ben

    Hi @marciphoto

    Yep, danco is spot on (thanks for the assist). As long as your devices both meet the system requirements:

    System requirements for 1Password

    and you're comfortable setting up syncing:

    Sync your 1Password data

    Then you can certainly do that. That said, I'd highly recommend at least reviewing what 1Password membership has to offer. It certainly makes life much easier, and is the way forward with 1Password:

    About 1Password membership


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