Feature Request: Alert and delay to unseal a vault or item


It would be great to have a feature to make it painfully clear that someone is using a particular shared secret, or a whole vault of them. The idea is that you could have a single secret, or a particular vault, that if accessed produces an alert to some configurable person or set of people. This would be great for the kind of shared secrets that someone might need in an emergency but otherwise shouldn't be used. A "break glass" mechanism if you will. The alert provides a way for others to confirm the glass-breaker used the secret in a proper way and didn't copy it anywhere else or something like that.

  • Add a feature to "seal" a vault where a user clicks an extra button or something to confirm they will open it.
  • You have a setting on a vault: "alert if vault is unsealed"
  • Bonus: Maybe there's also a setting with that says "delay for hours", which causes the requestor to have to wait to gain access

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  • isha_ag
    1Password Alumni

    Hi m1qi9n, thanks for the writing in the feature request! I can pass it on to our development team for consideration. I’m hoping you can provide some additional feedback for me so we can understand why this is important to you. In your workflow - whats the importance of having an alert? Rather than an admin going to the vault with emergency secrets and generating a report to find out who used the items in it.

    Regarding the "delay for hours" feature, while we don't have that workflow exactly within 1Password, you can set up something like that with the existing vaults set up. For example, you can have a "emergency vault" that only admins have access to. Users can email in to request the access and admins can grant them access for a small amount of time.

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