The 1Password Emergency Kit

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(Please excuse this if I put this in an inappropriate spot. Since it applies to 1Password as a whole, I thought this area was best.)

I created a document for myself that I shared over at my personal weblog that I think would be of great help to have at the ready in case of an emergency where 1Password users aren't able to share their passwords with those who have no idea how to use it (in case of death, for example, how will they get access to passwords easily and effectively).

I call this document the 1Password Emergency Kit, and it's a document that is bare-bones at best. (I actually made an error with the initial posting in that I suggested the iPad version had a 4 digit code -- that has since been fixed). I haven't seen anything like this anywhere else and would love feedback on it to see how it could be improved and yet not make it more complicated for those not in the know.

Here's the link:

Thanks for checking it out and please let me know your thoughts.

Mike Vardy


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    Welcome to the forums, Mike! I'm glad you took the time to post this here where we can use more than 140 characters. :)

    I think it is great that you put this together. Way to plan ahead!

    One thing to consider is the handy 1PasswordAnywhere feature in conjunction with Dropbox. For example, with only your Dropbox password and 1Password master password your beneficiary would be able to use the handy 1PasswordAnywhere feature in any modern browser — from anywhere in the world.

    Obviously this takes either (1) some level of trust that they won't access your data "early" if you give them the passwords now or (2) a system which ensures that they don't have access to the passwords until such a time as they actual need them.

    In my own case my beneficiary already has my Dropbox and 1Password master password for an emergency situation. (Don't worry, my beneficiary is also a 1Password user so they are stored securely.) :)

    Also consider leaving additional instructions as a Secure Note. Prefix the title with a space to "float" it to the top of the list.

    Remote access is probably less likely to be necessary if you live together, but in my case, my beneficiary does not live in the same state as me.

    Interested to see this evolve. Thanks again for sharing!
  • Check this link out. Got me thinking about my parents' keychains and how to store them and for them to store mine in case of emergency. Another option we're working on is storing Wills and DNRs there. Chris was kind enough to provide a screen shot of how this might work. I'll try and post it. In the meanwhile, here's the link for the 1password Emergency Kit.

    If any of you folks have a solution or insights, please share. Thanks.

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    Hey Rez!

    Thanks for adding that screenshot to the discussion. I merged your post with this existing thread. :)
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