Filling out forms in 1Password to edit an item is an absolute nightmare!!!!

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I've been using 1Password for years and it has always killed me that when I want to create a new item like a new software license or login, I can't simply tab between fields. For instance, entering a software license, I type in the name of the Software License, I hit tab and it takes me to "Section" as if I'm supposed to edit the name of the Section. NO! Take me to the next field I'm supposed to enter!!!!!!!! It's so simple! Why is this a thing in 2019! We've been editing forms by simply tabbing to the FIELD, not the field name since 1995!!!!

I get that the software is flexible enough to create new fields, but there are simpler ways to do that without sacrificing simplicity in just filling out a form. Apple does it nicely in their Contacts app.

Please, people. Fix my headache! This is a no brainer.

1Password Version: 7.2.4
Extension Version: na
OS Version: MacOS 10.14.2
Sync Type: na
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  • Lars
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    @luegskywalker - I can certainly mention your request to the development team. If we get a flood of users requesting the same thing, it may bubble up higher on the priority list here. Since all of those fields are editable, however, I suspect this behavior won't be changing. Some users make extensive use of the customization potential of 1Password, and for everyone else, it's a matter of one or two more presses of the Tab key (or using the mouse).

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