Apple watch app slow to update, appears to reset

I use the Apple Watch app for two accounts I use at work. About 60% of the time, everything works fine, I open the app, choose the account and I'm done.

The rest of the time though, I get the "Please add accounts to Apple Watch" screen, as though none have been added. The accounts do show up after about 30 seconds, sometimes a minute or two.

Is this delay avoidable?

1Password Version: 7.2.7
Extension Version: n/a
OS Version: iOS 12.1.4; watchOS 5.1.3
Sync Type: not sure ...


  • brentybrenty

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    @maerk: Unfortunately it isn't avoidable currently. There are two factors at play: iOS (on the iPhone) needing to transmit the data to the watch, with watchOS needing to process it; and sheer lack of horsepower on the watch. That's improved over time of course, on both counts. But especially on the watch side, if other stuff is being done in the background it can really be noticeable that you have to wait for data to be processed and displayed -- not just with 1Password, but even on a Series 4 some of my favourite apps for weather, finances, etc. are sometimes snappy and other times take some waiting for things to show up, just depending on what else is going on with the networking and CPU. I have no doubt that these problems will go away in the future though with further improvements to the hardware, optimizations in the OS, and better tools for 3rd party apps to take advantage of both. So let's hang in there. :)

  • I wondered if it was something like that :(

    I take it storing account information on the watch was deemed too insecure?

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    @maerk: Not insecure, because iOS had good security; but with 1Password there's an expectation that we encrypt the data using the Master Password, but that isn't possible on the watch. So it's very much an "opt-in" thing to explicitly add items to it, since they are encrypted by the OS and not by 1Password; it just isn't feasible to run cryptographic operations on the watch currently.

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