Vault offline in 1p7?


I have been hesitant to upgrade to 1password 7 since I do not want to rely too heavily on the cloud for the storage of passwords and will miss the local copies that Dropbox gets me. If there is a problem I can just reinstall 1p and start using it and it is very easy to make backups of the vault..

As I understand it a copy of the vault is stored localy in some way in version 7. How easy is it to start using that incase of a catastrophic failure at agilebits cloud services?

I am on MacOS/iOS.

1Password Version: 7
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    Welcome to the forum, @Covenant! I'm not sure I understand your concerns; Dropbox IS "the cloud," it's just a different cloud than what we're using in account. If you've been syncing your data via Dropbox, the you've already been using "the cloud" (apologies for putting that in quotes, but there are so many different services and solutions that use online data storage that all get lumped together under "the cloud" as a label).

    And the difference isn't 1Password 6 vs 1Password 7, you can still use standalone data (and Dropbox sync, or not) in 1Password 7 both on the Windows platform and the Mac. What's different is switching to a account. When you do that, WE act as your data host and sync provider (among a number of other great benefits. But you still have a local cache of your data on your device (this is how you are able to use it when you're in airplane mode or when wi-fi is unavailable). If we (AgileBits) were to experience a "catastrophic failure"), you could continue using your data without the sync functions. If it turned out that our "catastrophic failure" was permanent (like we went out of business or something), you could then export your data with the existing functionality already present in 1Password for Windows or 1Password for Mac, in CSV or .1pif format, and take it elsewhere to another password management solution.

    So, bottom line, don't let accounts stop you from upgrading to 1Password 7; you can purchase a standalone license if you want that. But I'd still recommend a account since there's no situation under which you'd lose access to your data, unless you're imagining us having a "catastrophic failure" at the same time all your devices on which you'd been running 1Password were lost or stolen, simultaneously. While I suppose that could occur, I'd have to describe it as "unlikely" at best...and no different than what would happen if Dropbox had a "catastrophic failure" under the same conditions. :) Hope that's helpful!

  • With dropbox I have a local copy of my files and I keep those even if the dropbox cloud went away over night. I wanted to make sure the same applies to your service and from what you are telling me it does.

    When using dropbox I know where the vault is and can make a copy with a simple cmd+c, cmd+v i finder. How do I do that when using 1p7? Where are the files and can I just copy them like that?

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    @Covenant - what I'm trying to tell you is that there is an internal SQLite database inside 1Password that contains the actual working copy of your data that's in use by the application. This is true whether you use Dropbox, or no sync at all. It doesn't change. The OPVault sync keychain you see visibly in Dropbox is just that -- a sync keychain. It's not the actual data that your local copy of 1Password uses, except for sync. The actual data itself is at

    • (Windows) -- %LOCALAPPDATA%\1Password\data\1Password10.sqlite
    • (Mac) -- ~/Library/Group Containers/ Support/1Password/Data/B5.sqlite

    I don't recommend copying that file directly. But it doesn't depend on the integrity or availability of "the cloud," no matter what sync service you have set up.

  • Ah thank you for the clarification. What is the best/recommended way of making a backup of the password data then?

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    @Covenant: If you're using a 1Password membership subscription, all the encrypted data in your account is backed up automatically offsite -- including item history. That way, even if all your devices are lost, stolen, or destroyed, you just need to sign into your account to access your data.

    If you're using the "standalone" app with a local vault, 1Password saves local backup archives periodically. You just need to backup 1Password's support folder -- preferably offsite -- and that will include those. Cheers! :)

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