Feature request: "Secure" fields that aren't passwords

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I often want to put sensitive data into a login that's not a password. Most commonly, this is 2FA recovery codes. I don't want them visible at first glance, so I end up using a "password" field, but it bugs me because this also shows a password strength rating and offers a password generator, neither of which I want. What I'd really like is a "secure" field that doesn't show the contents by default, just like password fields, but doesn't have any of the other password affordances.

Alternatively, instead of a "secure" field, I would also be happy with the ability to attach a "secure note" to a login. For the recovery code case that would be simpler as I could put all the codes in a single note instead of having one field per recovery code. Though there are other scenarios where I would want it to be organized like any other field instead of a trailing note. So in an ideal world, both would be supported.

Of course, this applies to all platforms too, not just Mac, but I don't see a forum board for "feature requests that apply to the product as a whole".

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  • Lars
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    @lilyball - thanks for the suggestion! :) It's something we've considered doing - and in fact are still considering. It's just (as with most things) a matter of how many people want it, compared to how many people want other things, etc. -- in other words, priorities. If we get either more available developer hours or a higher number of users requesting it, it may move up some in the priority list.

  • cbedgar
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    me too

  • Ben

    Thanks for chiming in. :)


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