Entries "mixed up" on apple watch: double entries + 1 entry NOT tagged to show up on Apple Watch

I have tagged a few entries to show up on my apple watch. However, some entries are duplicates. For instance, I have 2 eBay entries; one shows my previous log-in details and the other shows my current log-in. In addition, there is an entry for driver's license but I haven't tagged it for inclusion on my Apple Watch.

In an attempt to correct this, I thought if I deleted the app from my watch and then re-installed it, that would correct the entries. No such luck.

Then I thought maybe if I "un-tag" my eBay entry, this would correct the 2 entries. Weirdly, this deletes my CURRENT log-in but the previous entry remains on my watch.

Also, when I tap on the ORGANIZE section of 1Password, it only shows 4 entries BUT NOT Driver's License and yet this shows up on my Apple Watch. I even went to the Driver's License section and there is an option to add to Apple Watch; in other words, it shouldn't show up on my Apple watch but it does.

I've tried my best to explain what is happening but I might not be using the precise terms.

It's like there are some hold-over entries that are "stuck" on the Apple Watch that I can't delete. Is there a way to erase all the Apple Watch entries and start fresh. When I remove ALL the tags to include on the Apple watch, there are should be no entries on my watch but there are still 6 entries on my watch.

I just noticed that some of the entries showing up on my watch are included in my Favorites, such as driver's license and the Mint web site. So maybe the Favorites tag (if that exists) is what is "confusing" things. Just a thought.

1Password Version: 7.1.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.13.6
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • Immediately after I posted I looked and although my driver's license is listed as a favorite, I never marked it as a favorite. When I look at the Favorites, driver's license is included but in the lower part of the entry, there is an option to ADD it as favorite. So although it shouldn't be in the favorite section, it is.

  • Well, I fixed the issue and I thought I'd write about it to help others. And maybe someone from 1Password will chime in as well. I was having a similar problem with another app, Things. With Things on my Apple Watch, the data was not being synced, somewhat similar to what was happening with 1Password. On the Culture Code web site (makers of Things), they suggested deleting the app on BOTH the watch and iPhone; reboot both; re-install the app on the iPhone and then install on watch, and then re-sync.

    In the process of doing the above, I noticed a there was a setting on the iPhone app that I hadn't noticed before. If you tap on settings, there is an Apple Watch option. The option you are presented with is to "Enable Apple Watch." Since this is the first time I had seen this, it was NOT enabled prior to this.

    Once I enabled it, it seemed that this fixed the issue. So I doubt it was the deleting and re-installing that fixed the issue but turning on "Enable Apple Watch."

    I guess the question for Agilebits is how was I able to get entries onto my watch without the "Enable Apple Watch" option turned on?


  • brentybrenty

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    It sounds like your watch had some stale data. I don' have any of the history here or the steps you took leading up to having the issue. But to clarify, 1Password doesn't manage data for the watch; rather, that's stored in the Keychain, and I have seen it get into a bad state similarly with 1Password and other apps.

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