Activity Log: Don't show updated items for other people's private vault

When looking at the Activity log there's a lot of items which are, "Person X updated items in a vault" without mentioning which vault this is.
I'm 90% sure this is always (in our case at least) referring to people's Private Vault. I'm sure if I don't have the right permissions for a shared vault it would give the same message, but that's not the case I'm caring about.

A private vault is... private. I don't think this should be on the activity log. Worse I think most people wouldn't think it would include private vault actions, so it could lead to managers wondering why someone with few permissions in shared vaults are updating so many items.

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  • Thank you @cpmcgrath. I'm going to raise this with the devs to discuss if this is still a required within Team activity logs. I see benefits to both sides (having it shown / not shown) and if we keep it, is there a better design approach here.

    Thank you again, I appreciate your time to raise this.

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    Just a few other things I've noticed.

    • The log only ever says, "Person X updated an item in Vault Y" - It would be really nice if it actually told you the item that was updated.
    • There were a few incidents recently when somebody accidentally moved an item to the trash (which side note, is far too easy no confirmation dialog in the windows app), and all the log recorded was, "Person X updated an item in Vault Y"
    • For shared vaults which I can't see the content of, yeah you can't really do better than, "Person X updated items in a vault" but give me an easy way to hide these. If I don't have access to the vault there's a good chance I don't really care about this.
    • With personal vaults, the only benefit to this log I can see is, "Is Person X actually using their vault or are they using bad habits?" at which point, I think you might as well just provide the stats (This vault has 3 items in it) In terms of privacy, I don't see that as any worse than the current system.

    P.S. All this is for 1Password for Business, sorry for not clarifying this earlier.

  • @cpmcgrath, I'm very grateful to you for your feedback - truly! On a personal note, yes to all the above, I'm right there with you - this would all be great to have. We are having discussions surrounding the activity log and how this can be improved for all users. I know I personally would love to do a lot more with the activity log than what is currently available to us.

    Following up on your previous comments, we are looking at whether we should be mentioning any activity surrounding private/personal vaults. Because as you rightly pointed out, if you cannot see the content of them, do you need to know? Well, you don't hold the keys to decrypt the data of someone's personal vault, unless you're that person. So the best we could do is tell you that something happened there. This goes for any other instances where you do not have permission or access to see the item or more information about the vault, if you don't hold the keys, you're not getting it.

    Regarding moving items to the trash within 1Password for Windows - thank you for this. I'm going to raise my hand and say 'Sorry my bad' as designing our Windows app has previously been my responsibility, and I have to admit, a confirmation for a single item being trashed might seem overkill but when you're not aware of it happening a confirmation could save the day.

    Thank you again @cpmcgrath - I hope you can appreciate from my comments that we are very grateful to users for their feedback. It absolutely is what helps drive 1Password forward.

  • Thanks for the response.
    If you haven't seen it I outlined more details of the delete in

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