1Password 6 data to new family member account

I have a family account. My elderly parents are family members and have new family accounts. I cannot figure out how to get their old 1Password 6 passwords and data into their new family member vaults? Also, is Password 7 related to new family vault?

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    Hi @scgreenlee!

    If your parents are already part of your Families account, they are ready to move their data to their new account :) If you made the switch yourself, the process will be the same as the one you have followed.

    What I recommend doing is choosing their "main" computer where each of them want to do this, and normally it's easier if you do this from a desktop computer rather than from a mobile device.

    After they have chosen their preferred device, the process looks like this:

    1. They can add their Families account to their 1Password app on their main computer
    2. They can move their existing data from their existing vault to their new 1Password Membership account
    3. They can then remove the old vault from the app as the last step, so they avoid having duplicates

    On the other devices, all they need to do now is to login to their 1Password account in the apps, and all their data will be there :)

    I hope this helps!

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