Feature Request - add integration to watchtower for physical U2F authentication

Watchtower added support for twofactorauth.org - it's fantastic. A fork of that same site was created to do the same thing for U2F/FIDO - https://www.dongleauth.info. Consider adding that to Watchtower?

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  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    It's certainly something we can consider. The concern is that it isn't really actionable to tell a user "use 2FA" when the site supports the and not TOTP, which could be used by any 1Password user; they'd need to 1) buy a U2F key, 2) wait for it to arrive, 3) set it up, 4) associate it with the specific site, and 5) tag the Login in 1Password as 2FA (since 1Password has no way of verifying itself that is active -- unlike TOTP). Maybe we'll all have better tools in the future though, for stuff like this. Cheers! :)

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