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I am actually having 2 questions:

1) I have been using for years the offline version of 1Password. It is nice because it is perpetual. I save the vaults in my free dropbox account and that's great. I was wondering what are the ROIs on moving to the SaaS model for a family account
2) So for 5 members is almost $5. What if i want more members? Can i buy more? How is the cost then?

Thank you.

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    Hi @vasileios

    I don't claim to have any particular business or sales expertise, so I'm not familiar with speaking in terms of ROI. That said, I'd be happy to talk about what value 1Password membership offers above and beyond what a license grants. Please do note though that 1Password Families is not eligible for business use.

    With a 1Password membership:

    • Your subscription includes the 1Password apps across all platforms, with all updates and upgrades for as long as your membership is active. We'd always recommend keeping up to date with the latest versions of all of your software, but especially 1Password, your operating system, and your web browser. Membership makes that easier as you never have to worry about buying new versions of 1Password separately. They're included.
    • Once you sign in to your account in 1Password on a new device, all of your data is instantly available - no need to set up third-party sync. is a tailor made solution for syncing 1Password data, rather than a generic data storage / sync provider. It was build from the ground up to address the concerns and difficulties with syncing using the previously available options with standalone usage.
    • Automatic off-site backups are included.
    • Per-item backups are made automatically so you always have a safe copy of your data off of your devices, and can roll back to a previous version of an item if a change is accidentally made.
    • The Emergency Kit is available, and gives you all of the details you need to sign in to your account when you need them: Get to know your Emergency Kit
    • 1Password accounts include access to your data via a web browser (
    • Secure sharing of your data between family members is supported (for 1Password Families membership)

    As a standalone product:

    • You purchase licenses for each platform separately.
    • These licenses include all in-version updates, but a major version upgrade (such as 1Password 7) will require a separate purchase.
    • Your vault(s) are by default only stored on the device you create them on. If you like you can opt to sync with a third party service (Dropbox or iCloud.) If you do not set up sync, your data will remain only on your one device.
    • Sharing of 1Password data is not supported

    The former (membership) is the best way forward. We're no longer advertising the standalone option. Membership is a subscription service. For a 1Password Families membership the price is $4.99 USD + tax per month when invoiced annually ($59.88 USD + tax per year). Additional family members can be added for $1/person/month. A 1Password 7 for Mac single user license, for example, is $64.99 USD + tax. I understand you've already invested in a license. I'd recommend reaching out to our sales team at [email protected] for assistance in transitioning to a membership. I'm sure they'd be happy to offer some consideration for your previous purchase(s).

    If you're looking for 1Password for your business we do offer solutions for that space as well. Our business team at [email protected] would be in the best position to further discuss those options.


  • Hi @Ben ,

    Thanks a lot, i tried using business terms in order to be more specific. What happens is that I have several family members (parents, wife, child, brother, nephews and nieces for whom i am holding several password vaults. It works better this way since i am the one who will have to pay for all of them and therefore the subscription model wouldn't work for me at this point in time. But really, thank you very much! All this info is gold!

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    @vasileios - you're quite welcome. To make sure you're clear, there's no such thing as a "perpetual" model for 1Password. It's true that 1Password licenses never expire, but they're also only for the version you purchased initially -- if you purchased version 4, for example, your license does not include version 5 or 6 or 7, etc. We strongly discourage users from staying with a legacy version of our software, because once a new version is released the previous version will no longer receive development attention or compatibility fixes. Let us know if you have any further questions.

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