1Password and Steve Gibson's SQRL technology

I've been testing Steve Gibson's SQRL technology (to allow you to sign into sites without having to create usernames and passwords' and was struck by how 1Password could integrate this technology in a future offering, for SQRL compatible sites.

1Password seems like a perfect fit for generating and storing the SQRL identity in a secure way and then offer support for the best of both worlds via the 1Password plugin - as password management isnt going away any time soon, and 1Password offers a lot more than just password management i.e. shared secure notes, etc etc.

Something that's been considered (although I'm sure not hugely requested yet).

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  • What's the current status of SQRL?

    (Mr. Gibson has been talking about it for a long time on "Security Now", but I gave up on listening to that podcast)

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    With regard to 1Password, or in general? In terms of 1Password it isn't something that has hit my radar. There have been a number of "password killer" ideas that have been thrown at the wall but thus far none of them have really gone very far. Maybe this will be the one, but it seems way too soon to tell.


  • With regard to 1Password, or in general?

    In general.

    I'm not expecting AgileBits to implement this in 1Password until SQRL is adopted by a sufficient number of (major) websites.

    (And I doubt that will ever happen...)

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @XIII - indeed, that is often the trouble with "universal" solutions -- the trick is not getting them to work, it's getting them adopted, freely, by everyone (or at least the majority of people/sites). Like everything else, we'll keep an eye on it and if it seems to be gaining the kind of traction that would allow it self-sustaining momentum, we may revisit it.

  • gadgetdoctorgadgetdoctor Junior Member

    @Lars I'm going to re-up this old thread. SQRL is now working quite nicely and on the server side there are good solutions for Wordpress, Drupal and a way to hook SQRL up with OAuth (though this is a sub-optimal solution.

    In terms of clients we have Steve's reference Windows Software which does run under Wine on a Mac.
    We have an excellent Chrome/Brave/Firefox browser plugin.

    There is an Android client (I've not tested this) and a iOS client which is only available via Testflight. It works but is not pretty.

    I've been a 1Password user for so long I can't even remember, it would seem to me that building SQRL into 1Password would be a huge step forward. Having put SQRL on my own Wordpress blog, that process is so easy, it represents a huge leap forward in security, validation of people and ease.

    Just wanted to direct your attention back to this because it could be an up and coming tech. https://sqrl.grc.com/pages/what_is_sqrl/

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @gadgetdoctor - thanks for the update! It's something our development team will keep an eye on as things progress.

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