I'm wondering why some apps offer to be filled in with 1P but others don't (Android, IBKR app)

So, I have Interactive Brokers app on my Pixel 3, and when I go to log in, and the cursor is on the username (or the password) field, 1P (android v 7.1.3) doesn't give the little overlay offering to fill in the credentials.

I've noticed this functionality is pretty hit or miss with apps. Hoping that I can find a way to do a very important app (like a banking app rather than just logging into a forum app).


1Password Version: 7.1.3
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 9
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • periperi

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    Hi @dmayo2. Thanks for reaching out!

    Some apps don't support Autofill, and we've developed an Accessibility service to fill where Autofill isn't available. On my end, I'm able to fill in the IBKR app using Accessibility. Can you launch 1Password and go to Settings > Filling, turn on Accessibility filling, and let me know if you're able to fill here after?

  • Circling back. Settings --> Auto fill --> Accessibility had been On, but I never am given the 1P prompt.

  • brentybrenty

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    @dmayo2: It really depends on the app. as Peri mentioned, if their developers add support for Google's Autofill APIs, that works well. Otherwise, we're dependent on how the app is coded to try to find a way to fill using Accessibility. If you'll share links to the specific apps you're having trouble with we'll be happy to hake a look. But your best bet in those cases will be to update the OS yourself, and encourage developers to update their apps to support Google's (now about three year-old) technologies:

    Autofill framework (Google)

  • I'm not able to log in on the IBKR app using Accessibility either on Android 9 - the option never pops up for me when clicking the User or Password fields. Happy to help if there's any more details I can provide.


  • andiAGandiAG

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    Hi @Alha, I'm also not seeing the Autofill prompt come up by itself when I tap in a login field there. You mention using Accessibility filling, is Autofill also turned on in 1Password (you can check by opening 1Password and tapping Settings > Autofill)?

    If it is, then try this in the IBKR app: long press in the Username field and then, from the context menu that appears, tap Auto-fill (if you see "Paste", tap the menu dots and then Auto-fill), that should trigger the Autofill prompt to come up. :)

  • @andiAG Oh, that did the job! I didn't know that you could autofill that way too, as I was just used to clicking the pop-up when it came out automatically on the rest of apps. Thanks! :smile:

  • brentybrenty

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    Thanks for letting us know that helped! Glad And was able to assist. We're here if you need us. :)

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