How can I remove old history from autofill popup?

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Hi, is there any way to remove old predictions from the menu that pops up in Firefox or other browsers?
Periodically I would like to clean it but I still have not understood how can I do it...
A. Long press in the entry could be a nice idea....

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  • Hi @""t.munari". Are you referring to the list of Logins that 1Password offers to fill when you're signing into a site? If the URL in the website field of your Login matches the site you're filling into, that Login will be on the offered list.

  • t.munari
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    HI Peri, thank you for your reply.
    Sorry, I've been Unclear, autofill works properly,
    What bothers me are the suggestions provided by the accessibility option.
    Once I use it in the browser or apps not supporting autofill, like Firefox, tis suggestions are forever presented and I can't find a way to remove any or all suggestions from the list. Optimal would be an option to do single or massive removal app-by-app. But also a total history removal option could be useful.
    I tried to remove browser or 1password cache but it did not work.

  • @t.munari. Thanks for the update. It sounds like you may be referring to the Linked apps. The first time you fill a Login into a given app or site, 1Password will ask if you're sure you want to use this Login with this site or app. When you choose to go ahead and fill, the app becomes linked to that Login, and 1Password creates a field in the Login with a link to that app or site. This field can't be edited or removed without recreating the item. Is this what you're referring to?

  • t.munari
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    HI Peri,
    Definitely, I have some problems explaining myself in English
    (it's not my mother language so you have to bear with me). ;)
    I will link a couple of screenshots to the message hoping to be more understandable.
    Incidentally, I cannot reproduce the situation with the accessibility option , but I could reproduce it with both keyboard and autofill, therefore, for me, it is a general issue.
    In detali:
    Once I select in the drop down menu a saved entry, that entry is always proposed as a login alternative in the following login attempts.
    Let's say I login to a number of websites with my autofill unaware browser (i.e. Unable to pass website address to the 1password app) , next attempt to fill up a password on any other site, the app popup will suggests me all websites login I used plus the search option.
    It should be a nice feature provided I could be able to delete the suggestions someway (maybe with a long press or sliding over it?).
    The inability to delete a suggestion is especially obnoxious knowing that, on a phone, sometimes you mistype (or apps popups lag a bit) , therefore you end up with unwanted and unusable login suggestions.
    But he behaviour is the same with autofill aware apps: if I select a wrong entry once I get it "lifelong"!

    As examples I link you
    a screenshot of a part of the long list of suggestions I get when I try to log in with the keyboard lock sign in Fennec browser.

    A screenshot of an autofill "wrong" suggestion (At the moment I don't know how to get rid of it) I created on purpose for Joey reddit viewer using autofill

    Hope to have been able to explain me better now! :)
    Best regards

  • peri
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    @t.munari. Thank you for the info and the screenshots. I apologize for my misunderstanding of your problem. However, I'm not seeing this on my end, as the behavior you're seeing is not what I'm seeing. First, while you can search for Logins from the fill prompt in apps, the search function should not be available in browsers. In browsers, 1Password will only show you matching Logins to fill, rather than asking you to search. So while this is a browser you're using, as it's not recognized by 1Password, 1Password is seeing it as an app. This means that when you fill, the 'Linked app' field is created in the Logins that you use. These can't be automatically deleted. In this case, I recommend switching to a recognized browser, like Firefox or Chrome, which won't have this issue.

    Second, I installed the Joey for Reddit app, and it looks like this app uses Autofill rather than Accessibility. That said, when I tried to fill in this app, I was prompted to search for the correct Login, then given the option to fill that Login after selecting. The Login does not show up on the offered list unless I do fill it into the app at least once. Just to clarify, you'll only see the items appear on this list as options for filling if you have chosen to fill with them before, as 1Password creates the app link in the Login afterward.

  • t.munari
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    Hi Peri,
    Thank you for your swift reply.
    On the issues I pinpointed:
    I prefer to pay for 1 password instead of using "free" sync features provided by some browser, I think you can easily understand why I prefer to use Fennec instead of plain Firefox ( it's less entangled with a Google and proprietary parts by Mozilla), the fact it's not recognized as a browser but as an app by 1 password it's something I will accept (I understand you cannot support every browser).
    What bothers me is your sentence:
    This means that when you fill, the 'Linked app' field is created in the Logins that you use. These can't be deleted
    I don't think this should be a normal behaviour for the app. If I wrongly select a login item (or I just don't want it as a suggestion anymore) I should reasonably have the possibility to unlink it from the app someway Maybe with a simple preference reset.
    If it's not possible, and you don't think is a problem of the app, then please consider it as a feature request.
    Thank you

  • @t.munari I understand. And sorry for the miscommunication. There's no way to automatically remove these from the list of available Logins in the Autofill prompt. However, if you go to the items in that list and edit them, you can remove the linked app from there. In other words, launch the main 1Password app, tap on any Login you want to remove from the list, edit the item, and click the red button next to Fennec F-Droid in the Linked apps section. That will stop the Login from appearing on that list.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions!

  • t.munari
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    Dear Peri,
    Thank you for you reply.
    I would have preferred an easier way but, at least, someway is possible to achieve the result.
    May I suggest, to ease the process, the linked apps name should appear in the search instances inside 1 password app?
    Otherwise you not only have to edit every app manually, but also scan for it without any help of your application.
    Thank you
    And best wishes

  • Thanks @t.munari. I'll pass your feedback on to our team. Let us know if you need anything else!

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