How to let the chrome extension fill passwords

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Whatever I try, I cannot get the 1Password extension in Chrome to work properly... The extension is there, I see the 1P icon in the bar. I've reinstalled it a few times as well. Clicking the icon however does nothing, no popup/no message. Pressing Command + \ while being in a password field pops up the 1Password application itself (the one installed on my OS, a Mac) and shows a button to install the 1P extension into Chrome which links to and then to the 1P extension on the Chome web store - where it recognizes the extension is already installed as the button captions "Remove from Chrome".
The Chrome 1P extension settings are set to allow the extension 'on all sites'

Note that I'm using a business account, as you will see in a diagnostics reports I emailed to you just now, which I'm sure will reveal a lot more information as well.

Unfortunately I found no help on your support nor forum pages... But as instructed on your pages, I'm posting this on your forum to get help faster then via email (as you stated on your website) and I've then mailed the diagnostics reports as you also instruct on your support pages.

1Password Version: 7.3
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.14.5 (18F132)
Sync Type: Not Provided
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    Welcome to the forum, @pospa! I'm sorry for the trouble. Since you've already sent in a diagnostics report, and investigating this will likely include specific details of your 1Password setup that should not be on this public forum, let's keep the conversation going via email instead of in multiple channels at once. One of us will reply shortly via email. Thanks! :)

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