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I can't get 1password to work with stockplanconnect.morganstanley.com

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I don't get a prompt to store the password nor I can get autofill to work.
Is that just me or is it a common issue?

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    Welcome to the forum, @robcos! It's not just you. I wasn't familiar with this particular site (though of course I know Morgan Stanley), but it appears they're engaging in the kind of javascript chicanery that some financial institutions (primarily) undertake because they think it makes users safer. The result, unfortunately, if often the exact opposite. After all, if you're prevented from saving a working Login in 1Password, you're going to be forced to use a password that you can remember...which is certainly not going to be as long or random as one you could generate with 1Password. We actually wrote an open letter to banks a while back, detailing all the ways in which they're actually making their users practice less safe internet security on their sites.

    I don't have an account with stockplanconnect, but when sites give a user trouble, one of the ways we can often make things work correctly is to tell them to manually save the login. This is what I tried to do here, to replicate your issue. What I discovered is that as soon as I typed my fake-username ("testuserguy"), their website replaced the middle part of the name immediately with obfuscated asterisks, as soon as I tabbed to the Password field. This results in even our usually-reliable manual save method recording asterisks instead of my actual fake username. Interestingly, if I tabbed back into the username field, the real (fake) username remained visible, and at that point, using the save-manual-login instructions appear to work...but you have to tab back into username field for it to be recorded correctly in 1Password.

    Once I did that, my login appears to fill the fake data I entered correctly. I'm able to double-click in the main 1Password app window to launch Safari, open the correct URL to the Login page, and fill my (fake) data. Can you try that, and see if it works for you?

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