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  • vladhadzhiyski
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    I'm also having issues on Mac OS Mojave, where after entering my password it takes 15+ seconds to unlock. It's an issue I've been having for the past month NOT only on my laptop but also my home desktop Mac OS. I have around 400-500 tops items in 1Password. It does not make sense why previously it took about 1 second to open up and all of a sudden it started to take 15 seconds. There was no gradual worsening of the performance of 1Password but rather it just started appearing. So could you guys investigate as it looks like this is not just a one-off customer here and there. We'd appreciate it! Thank you!

  • Lars
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    Welcome to the forum, @vladhadzhiyski! I'm sorry for the trouble. I've split your post off into its own thread, since the one you replied to is eight months old, meaning the version of 1Password for Mac which was current then would've been 7.2.1.

    So could you guys investigate as it looks like this is not just a one-off customer here and there.

    If for whatever reason you happen to still be using that eight-month-old version of 1Password for Mac, please update to the current version (7.3.1), and let us know if that affects things. If you're already using the current version, then eight month old discussions of an issue occurring on a previous version of both macOS and 1Password for Mac may not be very relevant to what you're experiencing now.

    It'll also help if you can give us some more details about your particular setup; can you tell us:

    1. The specific version of macOS you have installed?
    2. The specific version of 1Password for Mac you're using, on both your devices?
    3. The specific version of browser extension you've got installed (and in which specific version of which browser(s)?)
    4. Whether anything changed on your system around the time you started noticing this problem? Upgrades to either 1Password for Mac or macOS? Migrating data from an old Mac to a new one? Anything else - new "security software" such as antivirus or network filters?
    5. Anything else you think might be relevant to helping us figure out what might be going on in your specific case?

    Thanks! :)

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