Multiple problems with Chrome extension

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  • UFGrayMatter
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    I'll add my voice and my wife's as two others having constant issues with 1PW right now. Needing to remove and reinstall the extension. Extension super slow to open the 1PW window. Hitting "enter" while the left-hand column is highlighting the correct account to fill now closes the 1PW window but doesn't autofill the password (clicking autofill does). Been having issues for the last 3-4 weeks I'd guess.

  • Lars
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    @UFGrayMatter - I've split your comments off into their own thread, since that previous one was created more than a year ago and everyone in the thread will continue to get notifications for it, when their own issue was quite different (and also long solved). Hope that's OK.

    I'm sorry for the trouble you and your wife are experiencing! Can you give us a little more information about the situation? Please tell us, for both you and your wife's computers:

    1. The specific version of 1Password for Mac you have installed
    2. The specific version of macOS you're currently running
    3. The specific version of Chrome you're using
    4. The specific version of 1Password extension you have in Chrome
    5. Anything else that's recently changed/updated on your system, especially coinciding with the time you started noticing these issues with 1Password.
    6. Anything beyond that you think might be relevant to figuring out what's going on

    Why did you need to remove and re-install the 1Password extension in Chrome? What is "super-slow?" A couple of seconds? Fifteen? A minute?

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