1Password 7 not auto-filling in Chrome in with cmd+\ but also cant auto-fill using the browser popup

I just upgraded to 7.3.1 and now it wont autofill in my logins on websites in Chome. I used to press cmd+\ to login, but it all it does now is popup the browser 1Password window. It does not enter the details and therefore log me in anymore.

Whats also bad is when the pop up happens I cant see what to click to get it to fill. In the old one I would click the one I wanted, if there were more than one suggestion, and it would fill it in. I cant see where to click, nothing seems to work. I can drag and drop the username and password but this is obviously a much worse process.

I do not have this setting which other threads suggest "Automatically sign in after filling usernames and passwords"

I can see some issues on Mojave and Safari preventing keystrokes, but I am on High Sierra and using Chrome.

How can I fix this? If the feature is removed how do I downgrade back to my old version?

1Password Version: 7.3.1
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.13.6
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • About the downgrade, I have just found 1Password 6.app.zip in my Applications folder, I unzipped it and installed it and had to setup my vaults again, but thats back to working as it should now. I am interested in 1Password 7 and was to subscribe but i wont until this issue is fixed.

    I noticed the issue because I clicked to fill my credit card details on your website to subscribe, but nothing happened, couldn't fill it. So no subscription setup.

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    Hi @amityweb!

    1Password 7 is a paid upgrade, so unless you have a license for it, or a 1Password Membership, the app will not fill your items through the browser extension. Is it possible that this is why this was happening to you?

  • I dont know you tell me! :) I paid for previous versions. The upgrade offered me a 30 day trial. There was no mention anywhere of the trial not including these features. I could not pay because the auto fill did not work which of course put me off paying anyway, as I need to try it to see if I would pay. So without this feature to test I am reluctant to pay when 1Password 6 does everything I need already.

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    @amityweb - did you install 1Password 7 for Mac from the Mac App Store? If so, that version of 1Password 7 for Mac does not have the option to purchase a standalone "license" (via the Mac App Store). So, if you're using 1Password as a standalone app (instead of with a 1password.com membership), and you upgrade via the Mac App Store, your data will be in Read Only mode. You'll be able to tell this by looking at any of your items in the detail view of the main 1Password app -- do you see a prominent Read Only badge in the upper-right corner? If so, you've got a couple of choices: you can sign up for a 1password.com membership (which is our recommendation, for multiple reasons, or you can fully quit 1Password for Mac, delete the 1Password app, and re-download from our downloads page. Our version contains the ability to purchase a standalone license for version 7, within the app -- just click the Read Only badge on any item.

    If that's not what's happening to you, can you give us a bit more information about what you do see? Thanks. :)

  • Same issue here. It takes me like 2-4 times until the passwords are filled into the browser. Latest Chrome and 1Password version. I paid the full price, no subscription.

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    @neonox - I'm sorry for the trouble. However, "same issue here" doesn't help us narrow it down much. Can you please tell us:

    1. The specific version of 1Password for Mac you have installed (and where you installed it from; us or the Mac App Store)?
    2. The specific version of macOS you're running on the affected Mac?
    3. The specific version of browser you're running?
    4. The specific version of 1Password extension you have in that browser?
    5. The specific steps you're taking, and what's not working the way you expect it to? Are you double-clicking items in the main 1Password app? Clicking the 1Password extension in your browser's toolbar? The mini in your Mac's menubar? Using keyboard shortcuts to invoke the mini? Something else?
    6. Whether you've tested this in another browser and what - if anything about the functionality changed (for better or worse)?
    7. What was the date of your most-recent purchase of 1Password for Mac, and what version did you purchase (and from where, us or the Mac App Store)?
    8. Anything else you think might be relevant to us helping you solve this.

    Thanks! :)

    1. 1Password 7 Version 7.3.1 (70301008) 1Password Store
    2. 10.14.5 (18F203)
    3. Google Chrome 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    4. Version
    5. Opening a new tab, enter the url of a website, use 1p mini shortcode, press return to fill the form, nothing happens, try again: it works (sometimes I have to to this a third time). After it works, it works all the time for this tab. It's a strange bug. It doesn't appears all the time, but often enough.
    6. No
    7. I noticed this behavior since last update a few days ago.
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    @neonox - do you have more than one Login item saved in 1Password for the sites on which you notice this behavior?

  • neonoxneonox
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    Yes, I have around 21 login items for the domain.

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    @neonox - I'm not quite sure what might be causing that issue; I've got a number of sites for which I have multiple Login items saved, but in all my testing just now (plus memory of earlier use), invoking the mini via keyboard shortcut and then using arrow keys (or even the mouse) to select the proper item and pressing Return/Enter results in exactly what you would expect: filling. I'd recommend you uninstall the 1Password extension in Chrome, quit Chrome, Quit 1Password 7 Completely by typing ^⌥⌘Q (or just holding down the Control and Option keys as you choose Quit from the 1Password menu), then restart your Mac. After restart, visit the Chrome Web Store and grab a fresh copy of the "desktop app required" extension for 1Password for Mac, and let us know how that works for you.

  • amitywebamityweb
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    @Lars I downloaded the 1Passwod 7 installer from your website. It installed, and I could see 1Password 6 still in my applications, it was zipped up. Does 1Password 7 do this? I dont think I purchased 1Password 6 from the app store.

    About this "_do you see a prominent Read Only badge in the upper-right corner?" _-> I dont know, I dont have the app to check anymore, it did not work (as described above) so downgraded to version 6 because it was affecting my workflow.

    As I have the standalone version on your site, I would expect the 30 day trial you offer to be for all features so I can test it. I am not wiling to purchase it to test it. Thanks!

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    I downloaded the 1Passwod 7 installer from your website. It installed, and I could see 1Password 6 still in my applications, it was zipped up. Does 1Password 7 do this?

    Yes. :) Once you're certain you no longer need version 6, you can feel free to delete that zip file.

    As I have the standalone version on your site, I would expect the 30 day trial you offer to be for all features so I can test it.

    30 day trials are available for 1password.com memberships. If you'd like to try one of those out, you're welcome to create an account at https://start.1password.com/sign-up/ -- also, if you already have a 1password.com membership, then version 7 is included, so you should be able to upgrade without issues. Let us know if that's the case but you're still having problems.

    ...downgraded to version 6 because it was affecting my workflow.

    That's certainly your choice, but we recommend all users keep all of their critical security software current, and this includes their version of macOS, their browsers and 1Password. I should also make you aware that if you use Safari as your primary browser, when macOS 10.15 ("Catalina") is publicly released this fall, Safari 13 will no longer accept the older, .safariextz-style of extension used in 1Password 6 for Mac, meaning you'd need to switch browsers to either Chrome or Firefox in order to continue using 1Password 6 for Mac -- for as long as it remains compatible with those as well.

  • The issue is gone. Maybe some strange Chrome hiccup...

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    I suppose that is possible. :) Thanks for the update @neonox.


  • Hi Lars. But before I sign up, should the auto fill and login work? I think this is unclear. This is why I had not signed up in the first place as auto fill stopped working. If I sign up does that start working again? If this can be confirmed then I can do it. Thanks.

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    @amityweb - 1Password can be downloaded by anyone from our website or the Mac App Store without charge. But until it is paid for, either via a 1password.com membership or a standalone license, data cannot be added to, edited or deleted, and you can't use the browser extensions to fill or save data. That's what you're experiencing now. When you begin your 30-day trial, all limitations of 1Password 7 for Mac will be lifted and you'll be able to use the app for 30 days unrestricted as you try out your 1password.com membership. If you choose not to add a credit card for payment sometime within that 30-day period, then at the end, your membership will enter Frozen status and the same restrictions will return to the app.

  • Ok I will give it a go. Its not very clear for current users you see... one minute my 1Password 6 works fine, then when I install 1Password 7 many features stop working but there is no message anywhere to tell me why. So I initially thought you have changed the way it worked, or removed features, and because the auto fill did not work for signing up and card details, I decided not to sign up and pay. So just something for you to consider for future releases, to make it clear to people and not have them drop out of the sign up process like me :). Thanks.

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    Thanks for the feedback @amityweb. :)


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