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Hi there,
using 1Password7 as the preferred password manager, I wanted to use it on my 2nd account (a business and a personal account) on my Mac (on Mojave). 1Password7 works well on my personal account and I thought it should be easy to use the same password library on my business account. As I do have a family subscription, I thought this would be really easy.

Turned out that I don't have a license to activate 1Password7 on my business account and then the hassle started. With the attempt logging into my webaccount failing (as one of my credentials seems not to work ... e.g. the master password which works locally) I cannot configure generate another user to be used locally as 2nd user on my Mac.

Now that there are also no License Files around anymore for 1Password7 I'm really in trouble being dependent on my Web-Account and support cases did not really help. I do have the right account (billed the last time May 26th), I do have the right secret key (from the emergency kit) and I do have a locally working master password ... but that combination does not allow me to log into my Web Account.

It all started with a 2nd user locally and it looks now that something is broken. I don't want to create a new plan (which is suggested to be the last resort of action) I just want to be able to share the same password library with 2 users on the same mac. And now, this night, I got an email that suggested that I can create a new account on ... this is not helping.

Having read some of the licensing pain forum messages / questions it all seems to be associated with the change subscription model under 1Password7.

Any idea ... how to have a shared password repository for 2 users on the same Mac as part of a Family subscription?


1Password Version: 7.3.1
Extension Version: 7.3.1
OS Version: OSX 10.14.5
Sync Type: iCloud seems not supported


  • jhusak
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    Ok ... got it resolved ... finally found my password for my web account ... got confused since both (local and Web) are called 'Master Password' ... maybe something to re-consider? Found my Web password stored in one of my accessible local vaults.

  • AGAlumB
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    Thanks for the update. I'm glad you were able to figure it out! When you setup an account, we do suggest using the same Master Password to avoid that kind of confusion. But it's entirely up to you. Just be sure that if you do choose to use different Master Passwords for different things you keep them straight, because it isn't something we can reset for you if you lock yourself out. Cheers! :)

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