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The first shared vault I had (I assume it's the default shared vault) has the description of "Everyone in your team can view and edit items in this vault." How can I change this? (I have changed its permissions)

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  • Lars
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    @gopher - you can't change the description on two vaults in your account: your (each person's) Personal or Private vault. The only place this appears, however, is within the context of the web application; anyone signed into their account in a 1Password app will never see this message. I've filed an internal issue to allow this change, but I'm not certain if there's a reason it's not editable, or if that's a remnant of a time when nothing (including permissions or the ability to delete) about that vault was editable. Thanks for reporting! :)

    ref: b5#6237

  • mburger
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    We are using the default shared vault to provide a vault where everybody has read access. Only Administrators are allowed to edit entries there. For that purpose, we restricted the permissions of group "Team Members" from "Allow Editing" to "Allow Viewing" for this vault.

    Now, the default description, which includes "can view and edit items", is confusing as it does not reflect the actual permissions.

    Therefore, it would be great if either that description would be automatically changed to the actual permissions or one could edit the description to reflect changes in the permissions at least manually.

  • AGAlumB
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    I don't recall it coming up before, since the default Shared vault is also full access by default, but it's a good point. Perhaps that's something we can improve in the future. :)

  • andrewjcohen
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    I upvote the desire to be able to change the description of the Share Vault. Like @mburger, we have restricted permissions for our default Shared vault so that it's read-only. We change this after discovering that people were often inadvertently saving personal items in the Shared vault.

  • Thanks @andrewjcohen. :)


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