Is it possible to set an item to not show up in suggestions?

twoninetwonine Junior Member

I have a few addresses and credit cards that are rarely used, but they clog up the suggestions list. Is it possible to set an option somewhere to "don't suggest" for those?

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  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    Hey @twonine! We don't have an option to exclude an item from the list of Suggestions in 1Password X right now, but I could see how it would come in handy for the items you mentioned. We've discussed this in the past, and our main concern was where would you find the item if it doesn't show up in the extension? The way you described it makes more sense to me, though – the item would still show up in the popup if you searched for it, for example, it just wouldn't be suggested to you. I'll bring this up to my team and see what they think. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. :)

    ref: x/b5x#1207

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