Are there any plans to implement export functionality?

Hello, an important workflow for me is that from time to time I export my passwords to have an offline and plain text copy of them. I encrypt them with my PGP key and store them in a safe place.

At the moment, I'm doing this with the macOS application. But soon probably I will change to some Linux distribution. In the 1password X extensions for chrome and firefox, there's no such functionality for export the vaults and this is a big issue for me. Are there any plans to implement this feature?

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  • brentybrenty

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    @mpascual: We'd really like to add an export feature to the 1Password web interface, but I can't say when that might happen. But if you're using 1Password X, that would mean you have a 1Password membership, and then you've got an encrypted automatic offsite backup of your data already. Nothing against you, but the automatic part means that it doesn't matter if you forget to backup, and it's seamlessly redundant so that you don't need to test and verify your backups aren't corrupt, etc. From you description it sounds like you're not using export not really to export, but to do an ad-hoc manual backup. So I guess while I still want us to add that export, my question is how would that really help you personally?

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