Link - not copy or move password

Is there a way to LINK passwords between accounts AND vaults? ie one login that I need during work but also sometimes at home, I don't want to copy it since that creates duplicates and I don't want to move it as that obvi moves it from the vault I want it in.

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  • Hi @tb582,

    Sorry, there is currently no way to link items in that manner. It will be a case of having to keep a duplicate and either update the duplicate should you change the original or delete the duplicate and create a new copy. Sorry we don't have anything more elegant to offer there right now.

  • Right - I mean even if it was some kind of symLink where if you attempt to use that password you need to enter the cress for the vault the original is in ...

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    Thanks for the feedback, @tb582! It'll be interesting getting that to work between two separate accounts, but I could definitely see how a feature like this would come in handy. :)

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