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Is there a way or are there any plans to allow a one-button change of all my passwords within my 1Password database?


  • AGAlumB
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    @aclose: We don't currently have plans for that, for a number of reasons:

    • We keep pretty busy improving login filling, which is by far the thing most people use 1Password for every day.
    • Automatic password changes need to be supported on a per-site basis, and then we get into not only keeping up with changes, but also playing favourites, since my "top sites" may not be the same as yours.
    • Reliability is crucial. A failed password change can lock you out of your account.
    • Password changes are rare.
    • Our core principles for not only our security model but privacy is to not have your sensitive information in the first place, and if we are changing passwords for you, we can find out the websites you go to. We really don't want that, and neither do most of our customers.

    It's something we've experimented with in the past and may be something we do in the future, but only if we can find a solution that is feasible and doesn't make 1Password -- and users' security and privacy -- worse. :)

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