No updates for 1Password X in Firefox for over a month

I have noticed that I have not gotten an update to the 1Password X extension for some time, so I went to check it.
Strangely, your release notes list versions up to 1.15.6, but my Firefox has version 1.15.3 installed and when I manually check for updates, it says there is no update available. What is going on?
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  • Uhm, okay...
    So then, someone from the 1Password staff, please explain what that means for the frequency of updates in the future.
    You managed to release 3 newer versions while Mozilla has not even approved the first of these three!
    Is that really a good way forward? Imagine there is a security vulnerability that needs to be fixed ASAP. How will you distribute it? Will you wait A MONTH (and possibly more) for Mozilla to publish it?
    What about the new features that we read about in the changelog and want to use?
    With simple math and approximation, let's give Mozilla the benefit and say they have published the first version (which they have not!) - you released 3, they approved 1, Firefox users are 2 behind. Later, you will have released 6 updates, Mozilla will have approved the second one, now the users are 4 behind, then you have the ninth update out, Mozilla will get to approving the third, now we are 6 behind, etc.
    This does not end well, you see?!
    Do you have any comment on this, any plans on how to provide Firefox users with timely updates? Because the current solution is unacceptable.

  • We have a few things to smooth out in the submission/review process that 1Password X has to go through to be part of Mozilla's AMO but I'm sure that once done updates to 1Password X will be in line with those for Chrome. What we definitely don't have is a backlog of updates growing over time, all that will happen is Firefox users will see a bit of a jump and after that things should be back on track.

    Each of the major browsers uses a curated store for their extensions and so each update has to go through that browsers review process. We no longer live in a world where a browser developer can afford to leave submissions wide open. Each browser will have its own requirements and we will work with each as needed. I'm sure that if any specific update was critical, say for security reasons, that we would reach out to ensure things moved at the required pace to keep everybody as secure as possible.

  • Thanks for the update, I am aware that you can't upload just about anything at your whim, that it needs to be checked, but prior to version 1.15.3, every update was quite smooth and swift - and suddenly there is a month-long delay, so I am naturally concerned.

    If the delay is just a one-time thing, due to your entering some special process on Mozilla's side and future updates will be quick again, then all is good.

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    @peepay – That's what we'd expect! Like you mentioned, every prior update has been smooth and swift. I think littlebobbytables said it perfectly:

    We have a few things to smooth out in the submission/review process that 1Password X has to go through to be part of Mozilla's AMO but I'm sure that once done updates to 1Password X will be in line with those for Chrome.

    I'm sorry we don't have more specifics to share right now. I appreciate both you and @blaxxz staying on top of it, though. It's nice to know that you're excited for 1Password X updates. :)

  • @littlebobbytables @kaitlyn Is there a way to download the .xpi file directly from your web and apply the update this way, so that I don't need to wait for Mozilla to approve it for their catalog?

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    There is not. We'll just need to be patient while it's being reviewed. :)

  • Oh well...

  • Hi @blaxxz,

    I won't claim to know all the details in Mozilla's review process but I suspect recommended extensions don't get a quick review path for updates. I would imagine each update even to a previously recommended extension has to be reviewed carefully given one of the ways users have been bitten is when an extension changes ownership. Now what I do believe is everything we've learnt the last month or so should help to ensure smooth updates :smile:

  • Just got an update to 1.15.7 - version that is not yet even in the changelog :)

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    Me too! It looks like I missed the part when it hadn't been listed on our update site, so we should be good for now. Enjoy 1Password X and Firefox! :chuffed:

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