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I currently have two vaults set up on my computer, my primary vault (for personal passwords) and then a local vault for my work passwords, that is only on this computer. I have 1Password set to prompt me to autosave new usernames and passwords as we go. However, I have found that when I visit sites that already have passwords saved in the local vault, 1Password still prompts me to save a "new" password. Is this because I only have the password saved in one of my two vaults, so it is prompting for the other one? Is there any way to change this behavior without totally turning off autosave detection?

1Password Version: 7.3.684
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    Hi @mmayes! Welcome to the forum!

    Does this happen with every website that is not saved inside your Primary vault, or just with some of them? In any case, can you share a couple URLs with us so we can test this here too?

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    Right now I only have three items saved in the local vault, though that will expand as time goes on. It is currently happening regularly with this website:

    It was also happening with this website: but I changed the "Vault for Saving" setting on my work computer to save items to the local "Work" vault by default, and that seemed to solve the issue with this website.

  • Greetings @mmayes,

    That first site has made a number of unusual decisions. What I've discovered so far includes:

    1. Dynamically generated name and id attributes for the fields. It isn't the first time we've seen this kind of thing though.
    2. The password field has no type defined until you start typing. Only then does the site define it as a password field.
    3. The site has provided the autocomplete attribute but has designated all three fields, all three fields with the new-password designation. That designation is intended for either a registration form or a change password form.

    The name and id attributes, I wish sites wouldn't but it's not the most horrifying thing I've seen. The password field bit just seems unnecessary. Sites used to dynamically change the field type prior to the placeholder attribute so they could put text in the field. The site isn't doing that though so I don't understand why. The last though, there's just no good cause for that unless the intent is to frustrate tools like password managers.

    1Password shouldn't be prompting to save as long as you have credentials in 1Password even if they're in a local vault. It might be the best corrective measure you can take with this one is to enter 1Password for Window's settings and switch to the Browsers tab. In there add to the text area as an exclusion for the autosave prompt.

    I apologise that all I have at the moment is a workaround.

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