As a admin, I can read the passwords of a family member? or recovery in case of...

the scenario:
I'm the admin, so I create a account for my brother.
so, I suppose that I can't see the passwords of my brother, is private for him, right?
but what happens if he died or something and I need recover his info?
tell me about how the info of the NON admin works? is private? is possible recovery it?
you got my point?

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    @ghostdog: Even as an Organizer in a family membership (or any admin role in a team/business account), you will never be able to view the contents of anyone else's Private vault, nor they yours. Each person has their own, and only they can access it. However, if a family member (or team member) puts data in a user-created vault, an Organizer (or admin) has the ability to change vault permissions and could grant themselves access (though access defaults to the creator of the vault).

    As far as recovery, an Organizer (or admin) has the ability to put another person's account in "recovery mode", which sends that person an email which allows them to go through a process to setup a new Master Password and Secret Key, for example if they got locked out. If you have access to your brother's email, you'd be able to complete that process for their account to get in. Otherwise your brother could give you a copy of his Emergency Kit, or keep it in a safe place where you or others would be able to get to it if needed. But again, that would only be necessary to access data in his Private vault, since as the Organizer you'd be able to get access to any other vaults if necessary.

    I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • @brenty Sounds good, make sense, thank you.

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    You're very welcome! Have a great weekend! :chuffed:

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