LOCAL (but dropbox) vault ) option in X?

Is there "any "option to use a local stored vault, I dont want to change and keep the old way stored in Dropbox

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  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @Biersmurf! Welcome to the forum!

    No, 1Password X only works with 1Password Memberships. It's one of the things we are able to offer when we build both the client and the server, something that is not possible when your data is stored on a third-party cloud.

    So you can either upgrade to a Membership if you want to use 1Password X, or you can continue using the regular browser extension.

  • soooooo difficult choise ;-) , txs for the answer , using it now for more then 8 years and its a great program

  • last question then ; If I purchase the 1password ( so not the X ?) for $2,99 p/m I can stil use the dropbox sync with all new features ?

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    If you subscribe to the Individual $2.99 p/m plan, you get all the features 1Password offers, including 1Password X. You can still choose to keep storing your data in Dropbox even with a subscription, if that's what you prefer, but you will lose several features in your Membership, including the possibility to use 1Password X to access your data.

    A lot of the features that come with a subscription require you to choose 1Password as your sync method rather than a third-party option such as Dropbox. So you can definitely use a subscription and sync with Dropbox as you have always done, but you would miss out on several benefits :/

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