On iOS, master password doesn't get cached when using Safari

Hey there, I have an issue on iOS where my master password is set to be cached until my phone restarts or for two weeks.

After an iPhone restart or the two weeks lapse, when I'm in Safari and get to a login on a web page, 1Password master password prompt comes up as expected. I enter the password and retrieve the login details for the website and all is well. However, the next website I go to I still need to enter my master password.

The only time the master password gets cached is when I go to the main 1Password app and enter it there.

I'd like to request this gets reviewed as a potential bug. Thanks!

1Password Version: Latest
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 12.X
Sync Type: Not Provided


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  • Hi @grrrrraham,

    No problem at all, I'm happy to move it for you :smile:

    We have an issue filed but I've got this hazy recollection that it isn't so much a bug but maybe a limitation. I could easily be wrong though and this is something fixable by a change in our code. Either way with an issue filed it does mean the developers will be aware and if it isn't something that can be fixed we ought to at least discover the reason.

    ref: apple-2729

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