Possible to auto populate dropdown fields?

Hi team

I know this may be outside the intended purpose, though is is possible to have 1Password automatically fill dropdown fields? I currently use custom labels with values (mapped to the input fields ID) to populate certain websites for convenience. An example being a flight booking page with a frequent flyer programme selection dropdown.

This works great for all textbox fields, although I've never gotten it to work with dropdowns. Is there a supported way to do this (or any workarounds)

Thanks (from a very happy customer)

1Password Version: 7.3.684
Extension Version: 1.15.6
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hello @sidnz,

    So I'd like to start with a request, could we trouble you for a couple of example URLs for us to use when highlighting and testing any potential future improvement. I'm sure I've visited a site or two but for the life of me can't think of them now they'd be useful. After a while of troubleshooting pages they begin to blur a bit.

    In terms of things that may help right now though. If the any of the fields on the page are adorned with the 1Password X badge it should be possible to partially set up the page with the core fields prepared and then try saving a brand new Login item. It ought to record the state of even the select fields and hopefully restore them when filling.

    If 1Password X isn't adding the 1Password icon to any field then a more convoluted way of setting stuff up would be to briefly use the 1Password companion extension, something you could do as you supplied a version number for 1Password for Windows. If you use Chrome and are already comfortable with Chrome profiles probably the cleanest way of doing things would be to briefly create a new Chrome profile and then install the companion extension which you can find at 1Password extension - Chrome Web Store. Visit the page and set up the core fields as before. Then you can manually save a new Login item, something that is always available with the companion extension. More on how to do this is available at How to save a Login manually in your browser. You could then try filling first with the companion extension just as a check and then return to 1Password X and check to ensure the results are consistent. If all goes well you could then delete the now redundant Chrome profile. If you're not a user of Chrome profiles or you use another browser that doesn't have profiles baked in then I'd recommend temporarily disabling the 1Password X extension, installing the companion extension, complete the task and then uninstall the companion extension before re-enabling 1Password X.

    Hopefully that all made sense. If anything wasn't clear or if you're experiencing difficulties please let us know and we'll see what we can do.

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