Is the membership cross platform on iOS, Linux and windows?

I have an iPad, Linux laptop and a Windows desktop. I have a lot of App Store & iTunes credit so my question is if I purchase the yearly membership, will my membership work on Linux and windows? I saw 1Password X and 1Password7 so sorry if this was already answered.

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  • Yes, Membership covers usage of all apps on all platforms with the sync service. Your mode of payment for the membership (App Store, Google Play, direct payment via does not have any effect on the platforms you can use with your account. The only drawback when billing via the App Store is that it is not as easy to change subscription types, but the support team can help you in those cases but that usually takes a little bit of time.

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    Hey @chidorimove

    Thanks so much for reaching out. As @peacekeeper said, you are most certainly able to use 1Password's services on all your devices whenever you sign up for a membership with us. We currently offer a command-line tool experience for our Linux users, but if that is not exactly what you like to use, you can most certainly checkout our awesome 1Password X extension.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions! :)

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