Account still Frozen after joining a family

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My account was Frozen, I got an invite from a relative to join his family account. Unfortunately my account is still Frozen.
email address:
removed by 1Password

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  • Greetings @ignazio_de,

    I hope you don't mind but I've removed the email address from your post. These are a publicly visible support forum and you probably don't want your email address visible to everybody.

    It sounds like you may have created a 1Password Individuals account and this account has become frozen after the trial. You can join your relative's 1Password Families account and be a member of that but it won't alter anything with the Individuals account - it is a completely separate entity and would remain frozen.

    What you will want to do is accept the invitation if you haven't already and become a member of your relative's 1Password Families account. You would then copy all the items over from your frozen 1Password Individuals account into the new Personal vault that is part of the Families account. Once complete you can then sign out of the frozen account, leaving only the 1Password Families.

    I am assuming you use either 1Password for Mac or 1Password for Windows. Both will allow you to sign into multiple 1Password accounts at the same time which is how you can copy the items from the frozen account.

    If any part of that was not clear please let us know and we'll do our best to elaborate where needed :smile:

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    Hi @littlebobbytables,
    thanks fro your answer.
    I think something is still wrong with the setup.
    My account was not a trial, I had one regular year of subscription payed with the Invoice ID: removed by 1Password

    Strangely enough, I received on the 24th this month 2 separate emails from your company, one saying:

    Hi xxxx. Your 1Password subscription has ended, and your "xxxxxx" account is now frozen.

    the second one saying:

    Hi xxxx. Your free trial for 1Password has ended, and your "xxxxxx" membership is now frozen.

    But, again, mine was not a trial.

    Now I accepted the family invitation, with the same email/account but still the account looks frozen.

    can you help please? ;) thanks.

  • Hi @ignazio_de,

    If we need to start talking about specific details, such as invoices then can you email us at [email protected]. Security and privacy are important so we need to ensure we're only discussing matters with the right person, I hope you understand.

    In the support forum we can still help but it has to be in more general terms such as what the options are in a particular situation. My previous reply though still applies as I'm still seeing a bit of confusion.

    A person can be part of multiple 1Password accounts and they can use the same email address for each. Each account though is still very much independent of the others. So I can be part of the 1Password team and I can be part of a 1Password Families account and even have a 1Password Individuals account. If I let the Individuals account lapse that account will become frozen. I can still be part of the other 1Password accounts and use those vaults but that 1Password Individuals account will remain frozen until reactivated.

    Does that help clarify the multiple accounts aspect any? I hope it does but please do say if it doesn't.

    So one option that will definitely be available is as I discussed earlier. Now that you're part of this other 1Password Families account your membership there comes with its own Personal account. You could copy all of your items from the frozen account over and then remove the frozen account from 1Password for Mac. The added benefit of this approach is a cost saving, a 1Password Families account allows for five family members at the same initial cost meaning you wouldn't need to continue paying for a 1Password Individuals account.

    If you would prefer to stick with a 1Password Individuals account then I would recommend emailing us at the address above so we can look into the specifics of the account you're having trouble with.

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