Forgot master password. Got secret key. Can log in using fingerprint on phone. Need PW for Mac.

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Forgot master password. Got secret key. Can log in using fingerprint on Android phone. Need Master PW for Mac.

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  • littlebobbytables
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    Hello @biancogd,

    Whatever you do, please don't restart your Android device because you don't want to do anything that risks 1Password for Android insisting on the Master Password you've forgotten.

    So the very first thing to do is look for a Login item titled 1Password Account in your Personal vault. It would be a starter item generated when the 1Password account was created. That may be enough to get you going.

    If that doesn't help and if this is a 1Password Families and 1Password Business account then it is possible somebody within the same account can help you recover access. Our support page Recover accounts for family or team members covers the process but it does need a family or team member with recovery permissions.

    If you've definitely forgotten your Master Password, none of the above helps and/or it is a 1Password Individuals account and you've reached the point where you believe there is no chance of remembering it then as best I can see you have only one path forward.

    In this kind of situation you'll need to create a brand new 1Password account and connect it to 1Password for Android. Once that copy has both accounts connected you will need to copy everything from the old account to the new one. On the Mac you will need to reset 1Password for Mac, which our How to reset your 1Password data and start over page can help with and then sign into the new account.

    Once you've confirmed the new account has everything and you can access it on the Mac you can sign out of the old account in 1Password for Android. All that remains would be if you had any outstanding time left on the old account before the next payment was due. For that and help on how to delete the now inaccessible 1Password account I would recommend contacting us on [email protected] as we can't discuss details of a specific account in the support forum.

    All of this does hinge on if you feel the Master Password is truly forgotten. Even in the time it has taken us to reply you may have had an eureka moment. You may want to dwell on it for a little while but just don't leave it too long, you don't want to do anything that would cause 1Password for Android to no longer allow access with your thumbprint.

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