Changing the Password for our Provisioning Manager Account.

I am setting up the SCIM bridge and have created a provisioing manager group and account and have the scimsession and bearer token. I would like to change the master password for the provisioning manager account, but when I do, I try to click on "Create new Credentials" and it says "Failed to authenticate the Provision Manager:Invalid email or password." I click "start over" and am reassured by the line about "...changed the sign-in details for that account, click Generate New Credentials." I cannot, however, generate new credentials before changing the password back to what it was. How can I get around this?

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    Hey @michael_horowitz!

    When you first created the Provision Manager user by following the setup flow, a login item was saved in your Private vault (with the tag SCIM Bridge) which contains the Master Password and Secret Key for the Provision Manager user. When you follow the process to regenerate the scimsession file and bearer token, we use the information in that item.

    If you've changed the Master Password for the Provision Manager user, you'll need to update the password in that login item to be able to generate a new scimsession file and bearer token. If you've already deployed the SCIM bridge, you'll need to re-deploy it with the new scimsession file after changing the Provision Manager's password. Remember to update the settings in your IdP to use the new bearer token too.

    Is there a reason you'd like to change the password for the Provision Manager user? It may help us to understand the use case.

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