I believe I have an older version of 1Password (ver. 7.36). Which I think is a stand loan copy.

I would like to upgrade to the newest version, but have a copy of problems:
1.) I don't want to lose the data/passwords I already have on this copy/ version.
2.) Would like to upgrade, to a family plan.
3.) Would like my wife and I to share our passwords.
4.) for my three kids, I would like them to have their own vaults.
5.) One is away at college.

Could someone help? or point me in the right direction...articles or a live person would be helpful.

All my devices are Mac OS / IPhones' / IPads'

Thank you - John

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    Hi @JohnBolich

    1Password 7.3.6 is the latest version of 1Password for Mac. We'd be happy to help you upgrade to our 1Password Families service so that you can share with your family. We have a guide that can walk you through the process here:

    Move your existing 1Password data to a 1Password account

    Once you've signed up for 1Password Families and migrated your own data you can invite your family to join your membership:

    Share passwords in 1Password Families

    Please let me know if you have any questions along the way. :)


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    Hi @Ben,

    I hate to be a smart-ass, but it‘s 7.3.2 for the Mac. 7.3.6 is the iOS version.

    Apart from that, it is a great idea to set the family up with 1Password @JohnBolich, if you invite the kids via email it does not matter if they are away at college :).

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    Thank you for the clarification @peacekeeper, that's correct.

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