1Password X Chrome UI is low DPI on MacOS Mojave

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As the title suggests, the UI appears very low res/fuzzy when viewed on the retina display in MacOS Mojave. The in-page UI for login suggestions are crystal sharp but when clicking the extension shortcut, it's considerably lower resolution – example below:

I figured this would have been logged already but I can't find any reference to it on the forum hence my post. Is this on the list to fix?


P.s. my Chrome version is 76.0.3809.132.

1Password Version: 7.3.3.BETA-0 (70303000)
Extension Version: 1.17.0
OS Version: Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6
Sync Type: 1Password Membership


  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    Hey @PhilGwynne! Thanks for including a screenshot. That does appear to be pretty low res to me, but I'm not seeing the same thing. In the same version of Chrome, my 1Password X pop-up is crystal clear even when I zoom in on it. Could you let me know what you have your screen resolution set to and the size of your monitor?

    Here's a screenshot of mine to compare:

  • Hi @kaitlyn, thanks for the reply.

    I've just ran a quick experiment and I've noticed where the issue is cropping up – whenever I plug into an external display.

    I'm using the native 2880x1800 resolution on my Macbook Pro (15-inch, 2017 model). Which when not plugged into an external display, does look sharp on the 1Password X pop-up menu in Chrome. However, when I plug any external display in (be it my 2560x1440 Thunderbolt Display at home, or a generic 1920x1080 display at work) and keep the browser on my Retina display (rather than move it over to the external), that's when I notice the lower res on the 1Password X pop-up menu.

    I thought I might be able to fix the issue in Display settings when I set the retina screen to "Default" instead of the automatic "Scaled", but it doesn't make any difference as you can see in the shot below:

    I hope that helps? It'd be great if this could be addressed somehow as I always use my retina display as my browser, and do my main work on the bigger display. I've tested the rest of my Chrome extensions, and they all still look crisp on the retina display while the Macbook is connected to an external display.

  • daltondalton

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    Thanks for digging into this further, @PhilGwynne, and for sharing what you found. I have looked into this issue a bit in the past and, from what I can tell, this is an issue on Chrome's end. I believe Chrome is using the resolution of the primary display to render the 1Password X pop-up. This works great when you only have one display, but when you add a second display with a lower resolution and set that display as the primary display, then the pop-up will not render correctly on the first display, which has a higher resolution.

    The issue can be temporarily resolved by setting the display with the higher resolution as the primary display, but that may interrupt your workflow. I'm sorry I don't have any better suggestions at the moment. Let me know if that clears things up for you.

    ref: x/b5x#1366

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    Thanks for the excellent explanation @DaltonD!

    I've just tested it and that is the case, so I've reported it to the Chrome Dev team instead. :)

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    I'm glad Dalton was able to help, and thanks for reporting this to the Chrome team! I appreciate that. :)

  • @PhilGwynne Can you post the link to the Chrome issue reported? I'd like to upvote and monitor it.

    I just installed 1Password X on Chrome myself and am disappointed with blurry visuals, especially on my nice 27" 5k iMac!

    And yes, I have reasons why my secondary, low-res monitor is my "primary" display and rather not change it. #stubborn

  • @Bikr I couldn't find a forum or ticket system, so I reported it through Chrome itself and linked them to this particular post for additional detail.

    It'd be great if you could do the same :) can find out how to do that here: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95315?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en

  • @PhilGwynne Will do. Thanks! 👍

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    Perfect! Thank you both, @Bikr and @PhilGwynne. ❤️

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