How do I cancel my membership

Hello, how do I cancel my membership before my credit card is billed?


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    Hello @JArch

    Welcome to the forum! Instructions on how to manage your subscription can be found over at

    But, if I may, why do you want to cancel? Are you, perhaps, having some difficulties that we can help you solve?

  • I tried to quickly download and use to apply for a Federal service position, but the app kept loading an incorrect url. I have another post out there describing this - waiting for a moderator. Essentially, the url is loaded correctly as, but when pressing the pop up in the app concerning 2 function authentication the url that the app tries to use is - which doesn't exist. I used another app for my purpose, which is free, so I don't need 1Password anymore. Thankl

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    Thanks for the feedback, @JArch. I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out.


  • Hey @JArch,

    I believe there could be an issue when 1Password tries to work with some banks and government secured websites - due to framework irregularity (for security purpose of course), implemented by these organizations. It might not just be applicable to 1Password but to other third-party password managers out there. For cases like this, I normally just fill it in on my own - anchor the login credentials/password details and type it in manually.

    Personally, I always support paid/subscription-based password manager because free password managers are risky, literally - they might not have the best infrastructure or secure server to store all of your important personal information and are prone to attacks. Paid password managers on the other hand, have sufficient resources to safeguard your data. I've been using 1Password for years, and never had one security issue with em. Information breach happened before to free password manager, so just be extra careful! :)

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    @ewanazwan: Usually we think of it in terms of us charging sustainable prices so that we can remain independent, not accept outside investment, not be advertising-based, and know as little about our customers as possible (and of course not share or sell customer information -- which relates to the rest as well). But you make a good point that all of that also enables us to have security and operations staff to not just safeguard but constantly strengthen 1Password as well. For us it isn't really even an option save money by doing less in those areas, as our reputation and therefore livelihood depend on us prioritizing the security and privacy of all 1Password users. But certainly we do hear nearly every day about companies that had major breaches that could have perhaps been avoided if sufficient resources had been dedicated to security. It can be expensive, but more and more are coming to the realization that it can be much more expensive not to invest in security. Thanks for supporting what we do! :chuffed:

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