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I have the AgileBits Store version of 1Password installed on OS X. It's currently at version 7.2.4. I keep getting prompts that a newer version is available, which I can also see on the website. However, nothing happens when I "Update now". Nor does anything happen if I click "Check For Updates" from the app menu. Apple+Q quitting does not change the behavior, nor does unchecking/rechecking "Automatically check for updates". Any ideas on how to get unstuck?

1Password Version: 7.2.4
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OS Version: OS X 10.14.6
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  • Lars
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    Welcome to the forum, @imprecisegive! I'm sorry for the trouble. And you're quite right, we're all the way up on version 7.3.2 now, and have been for a little while already. I'm not sure I know why you wouldn't be getting updates, but what you can do for now is this:

    • In **1Password > Preferences > Updates, un-check "Automatically check for updates"
    • Quit all running browsers
    • Quit 1Password 7 completely by typing ^⌥⌘Q (or just holding down the Control and Option keys as you choose Quit from the 1Password menu).
    • Delete the 1Password 7 app (this will not affect your data, which is in your ~/Library folder). Don't use any app cleaners or uninstallers to do this, as these programs can remove more data than we want them to. Just drag the 1Password app from your Applications folder to your Mac's Trash, then empty the Trash.
    • Visit our downloads page and download a copy of the current (7.3.2) installer and run it.
    • Re-open 1Password and unlock with your Master Password.
    • Re-open **1Password > Preferences > Updates, and re-check "automatically check for updates."

    I suppose you'll have to wait until the next time we have an update to really know whether that worked, but it certainly should. Keep an eye on it, and let us know if the problem rears its ugly head again.

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