I need assitance on-boarding employees

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Hi! I have been assigned the task of "onboarding" employees. However, I have no idea how to do. I need step by step instructions. We have several vaults and i don't know who needs what. I was just told to on-board employees.

1Password Version: 699
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10 and Mogave
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Ben

    Hi @Wandaful

    We'd be happy to help in any way we can. We have a guide which can walk you through inviting people to join your 1Password membership available here:

    And you can learn about how to share vaults with them once invited here:

    We have several vaults and i don't know who needs what.

    This part isn't something we'd be able to help with. What vaults your organization has and who has access to them is entirely up to the decision makers within your organization.


  • Wandaful
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    Hi Ben!

    Thank you for your quick response. You pretty much have given me what I need.

    I need to know how:

    • Account set up and able to add personal passwords for email, slack, pivotal, etc.
    • What Vaults are, how to use them
      1. All Vaults
      2. General
      3. Tech Resources

    I believe each dept has a Vault.

    • How to use the app on the phone
    • We have Windows 10 computers, Sierra, mogave operating systems.

    • We have:

      • HootSuite, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
      • Different Departments i.e. Accounting has email addresses that only they access. IT has an email address that they only access.

    Thank you,


  • john_m
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    Hi @Wandaful! You've brought up a wide variety of topics - let me try to address each one in order:

    Account set up and able to add personal passwords for email, slack, pivotal, etc.

    The easiest way for most folks to start adding data to 1Password is to use our browser extensions to start saving Login items for the sites they use; you can find our guide to using our extensions here: https://support.1password.com/explore/extension/

    What Vaults are, how to use them

    Vaults are the main organisational structure within your 1Password account. Every 1Password item (e.g., a Login, a Secure Note, etc.), lives inside one (and only one) vault. Vaults are also how you share items with other people inside your account. You can learn more about creating and managing vaults here: https://support.1password.com/create-share-vaults-teams/

    The "All Vaults" view is a special vault view; it's a "virtual" view, that combines the contents of multiple vaults together into a single view, to make working with multiple vaults easier. You can learn more about it here: https://support.1password.com/all-vaults/

    Every member of a 1Password Teams or 1Password Business account gets their own separate "Private" vault; this is a special vault that only they can access. So for example - you have your own Private vault that is separate from every other user's Private vault. Private vaults are a great place for storing work-related items that only that one user should know, such as their workstation password, etc..

    How to use the app on the phone

    If you go to the front page of our support site (https://support.1password.com), you'll see a "Get to know the apps" section, with icons for all of our supported platforms; click on either iOS or Android to find our guide index for that platform.

    In general, reading your query it sounds like you might be a new administrator for your 1Password account, and are just looking to "learn the ropes"; if so, we have a guide index designed especially for new account administrators - it'll lead you through to guides for a wide variety of administration topics, so you might find it quite useful: https://support.1password.com/explore/team-admin/

    I hope that helps!

  • Wandaful
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    Thanks !!!! I appreciate it.

  • AGAlumB
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    Glad John was able to help. We're here if you need us. :chuffed:

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