Is it normal for the Mac 1Password 7 to check for updates when not using it?

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I have a family member out of town for a few days and I like to check "Authorized Devices" list every so often to make sure nothing odd is happening and that no one besides them is logging in.

What I'm noticing is that there MacBook Pro Mojave 1Password 7 says last access shows up every 6 hours with there IP address for home. They did not take there computer with them. It's odd seeing last access was today from there home when they're several states away. No one is at that home so it can't be someone else using the computer.

I'm wondering if 1Password 7 automatically checks for updates to the vault at a set time?

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  • AGAlumB
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    @Zoup: It isn't quite a set time, but 1Password does check periodically in case there are updates, for the app itself, Watchtower, and as far as syncing data from the server. macOS actually tries to batch stuff like that as part of Power Nap, I think it's called, so that network requests from many apps can be done at the same time, and the Mac can stay in a low power mode more. :)

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