iPassword 7 app provides one-click open access to all my passwords and all iPassword sign-in data

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Having just upgraded to a subscription for iPassword 7, I discover that if I log in to iPassword I can then quit the app, restart it, and am taken straight to vaults that contain a) all my sign-in data including master password, and b) all the plain text passwords stored for different websites. Starting the app does not require any sign-in.

Which means, that if I leave my machine open and logged in and someone gets onto it prior to a screen lock, they have total access to my accounts, even if I have closed iPassword, just by clicking to open the app.

1Password Version: 1Password 7 Version 7.3.2 (70302004) 1Password Sto
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.14
Sync Type: Not Provided


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