Association with Browsers?

teacy123teacy123 Junior Member

This is more a thought rather than a bug report. I see that many of my logins are associated with one or more browser apps (for instance with Chrome and Chrome Beta), while others are not. In my mind the latter is the proper treatment. Urls are Urls and I want to open them in any browser that is supported by 1pw without storing the browser name in 1pw.


  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hi @teacy123. You're correct that the latter is the case that we want. However, there have been cases where, when filling, the browser is detected as an app rather than a browser. In these cases, when you Autofill, the app link is created similarly to filling into an app.

    If you currently try to fill in Chrome or Chrome Beta, does Autofill detect your site or does it believe Chrome is an app?

  • teacy123teacy123 Junior Member

    How would I tell?

  • periperi

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    @teacy123 Try launching Chrome or Chrome beta, visiting a site with login fields, and tapping Autofill in those fields. When the Autofill window comes up, does it show Select the account that you want to use with or Select the account that you want to use with ?

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