IPhone 5 sale?

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Hi AgileBits

I remember you guys ran a sale for WWDC 2012 and I was expecting something similar for the release of IPhone 5, given it's arguably Apple's flagship event for the year.

I was hoping to get a 1Password Mac/Windows/iOS bundle. :)


  • khad
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    Welcome to the forums, jisu! Thanks for your interest in 1Password. :D

    While Apple doesn't allow any developer to "bundle" apps within or across the different App Stores, we have been known to have good sales now and again. We don't normally pre-announce them, as we like to surprise and delight our customers, but you can be sure that we will announce any sale on our blog, Twitter, and Facebook page.

    As always, all Mac App Store copies of 1Password for Mac come with a free upgrade to 1Password for Mac version 4. And if you email us your MAS receipt we can provide you with a discount on a Windows license as well.

    I hope that helps. :)

  • thightower
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    If history is a good example look to Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, they have been known to do those. At least those are some you can almost predict. I did say almost if they dont do any ;)
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