Largest challenges with 1Password


I'm a 1Password owner for all platforms it supports and use it everywhere everyday.

Largest challenges ;

#1 - probably more to do with websites not sending new signups to the usual form for login but when signing up to sites the details created into 1Password are as at the state of the signup form of the site and are very unhelpful when I need to sign in normally from then on.

#2 - changing password forms in websites are the same as for #1

My suggestion: when a new record is created into 1Password optionally launch a screen for the user to groom the record of cruft and make some suggestions about what is an isn't going to be useful to them.

1Password needs better heuristics to suggest which sites already having records could be used instead of proliferating new records. I seem to do this because 1Password wants to store a basic record name using the site name but I want something like " ([email protected])" or " (username) so that its asy to choose which one i want. Updating passwords needs to be directed so that I choose which record to update not just let 1Password blat whichever one it thinks is the right one.

More sophistication is required this far down 1Passwords track. I know of people jumping ship to other managers now.


  • Penelope Pitstop
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    The grooming suggestion is what 1PW used to do IIRC. Seemed to go away at some point but can't remember when.

    Told that they're "... working on it ...".
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    Welcome to the forums, sopuch! Thanks for taking the time to contact us.

    1. We recommend always saving a Login on a site's login page. 1Password "records" all the form fields on a page and "plays them back", so to speak. So if you are filling a Login item on a page that is different from where you saved it, the form fields could very well be different. Please always save a Login on the page where you intend to fill it (i.e. the site's login page not the registration page).

    2. As Penelope Pitstop mentioned, we are indeed working to improve the "update a Login's password" workflow, but for now please make sure you are following the steps in the User Guide, and you shouldn't have any trouble:


    If you're having some trouble, could you please describe in as much detail as possible the steps you are taking, and what you are [not] seeing happen? With some additional information from you we can then provide you with specific assistance.

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