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How do I turn off this stupid "three fingers to paste" feature that suddenly showed up on my iPhone? Not everyone's fingers work like that of your thirty-something fingers. This is a terrible idea for older users. I tried using it on my iPad today running iOS 13.1.3 and the screen just froze. Hitting the Continue button at the bottom didn't work either so I had to kill the process, open 1P, go to the login record for the site I was trying to log into, and manually copy and paste it.

1Password Version: 7.4.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 13.1.3
Sync Type: Your cloud


  • thightower
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    It is part of iOS 13.

    A quick google search did not yield any hits for disabling it. At least in my search. BTW I do agree I think would rather have it off, but to be honest, it is growing on me. Let me clarify that, I tend to like it on the iPad. I do not prefer it on the Phone.

    1Password can't disable it as it's baked into the OS. 1Password is just using the OS tools/features/methods provided by Apple.

    Who knows if the staff have any further insight.

  • williakz
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    Perhaps voice control, supposedly beefed up significantly in IOS 13, might be of some assistance.

  • ag_ana
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    I don't believe that you can disable iOS gestures like this yet. I think the best course of action would be to send feedback directly to Apple using their contact page, and explain your pain there. This is something that 1Password unfortunately has no control over.

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