Is there a way to create a new vault on Android?

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I'm trying out 1PW based on all the rave reviews but I've just stumbled on a simple task...setting up folders or vaults on my phone.

99.9% of the time I'm creating passwords on my phone and that means periodically creating a new folder/vault. However, it seems that this is not possible on Android. I'm hoping it's just a case of user error on my part.

Is anyone able to confirm that we cannot create vaults on Android, or better yet, let me know what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks a lot...bookers

1Password Version: 7.3.4
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OS Version: 10
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  • Hi @bookers, it's not currently possible to create a new vault from within the Android app but I'll pass your request along to the development team :)

    As it is currently, to create a new vault, sign in to your account in a web browser and tap the "+ New Vault" button in the top left.

  • bookers
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    Thanks for your response @andiAG! I'm good with making new vaults with my browser, just thought it would be default that the app would have the same experience. Perhaps I need to rethink how to use vaults. I was expecting them to act like folders, but I guess there are other ways to organize passwords etc. Maybe I don't even need to organize them as I have been, I can look into using tags I guess...or maybe that isn't even necessary anymore with since I can just use the search function. So, maybe it isn't a big deal...just meh...
    Do you know if iOS can make vaults?

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    @bookers We're hoping to support adding vaults from the 1Password for Android app soon, and I'll make sure to add your request for this feature on to our development team.

    How you organize your data is of course entirely up to you. I like to use tags to organize data within vaults. So for instance, I have a bills tag that I've given to all of the Logins for accounts I need to pay regularly (e.g. electric bill, internet, credit cards, etc.). I use vaults to separate data that I want to keep out of the way.

    So for instance, I have a Work vault, where I keep all my work related info. I can then exclude this vault from All Vaults on my personal computer and browser profiles, so those Logins don't get in the way. And vice versa. I have only my Work vault included in All Vaults in my work browser profile, so I don't see my personal info there when it's not needed. That's how I like to use vaults, but if you like to use them for organizing your data more like folders, that's perfectly okay too!

    Also, you can indeed create new vaults from 1Password for iOS by tapping New Vault in the vaults list.

    ref: dev/android/onepassword-android#748

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