How to list good passwords to improve them

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  • MisterQ
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    Call me a little OCD, but when my password manager tells me that something is potentially not as good as it could be, I would love to fix it. (I run about 600 passwords)

    Running Watchtower tells me that my passwords are excellent, good, weak, terrible - I am busy getting rid (where I can) the weak and terrible - It would be nice to be able to identify all of the "Good" so that I have a list to work on to get those up to "excellent" status.

    Yes, I understand that I can probably just sequence through all 600, and look at the strength of password bar, but even that appears to be an approximation as to where on the "Strength bar" they sit.

  • ag_ana
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    Hi @MisterQ!

    You can already do this using the advanced search options in 1Password for Mac ;)

    Here is a screenshot of what your search would look like:

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