1password window clipped at the edge with safari extension

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Especially when the 1password icon is at the edge of the toolbar, the 1pw window can get clipped at the edge of the screen upon clicking the icon (while keyboard-shortcut works fine), see screen-capture (from the menubar you can see that it is the right-edge of the screen)

1Password Version: 7.4.2.beta-0
Extension Version: 7.4.2.beta-0
OS Version: 10.15.2 (19C57)
Sync Type: 1password account


  • Hi @moiraine_sedai

    Thank you for writing in and mainly including the screenshot, it helped convey what you were seeing and made it easier for me to understand. I checked with the developers, and they do have an open issue regarding the issue you're seeing. I can't say when an improvement will be released, but be sure to keep updating the beta, that would be the first place you would see it.

    Since your topic is related to the beta, I am going to move your issue to the beta forum.


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